Korean band GENIUS are f*cking ill

Guitarist/Vocalist Kim Il Du sings Once I Was A Dog like he could give two shits less, cigarette placed in the corner of his lips while he blankly looks out at the crowd, fingers effortlessly strumming on his guitar. It was at this moment I knew I was going to like this guy as well as the rest of the band, which is equally as badass.

Before checking out their videos and music the thing that really drew me to GENIUS was the fact that they‘ve shared the stage with some notable acts, a couple being kickass Beijing bands Carsick Cars and Retros. You guys know how much my heart goes out to China and that entire scene, so anything associated with it I assume is quality from the jump.

My assumption was correct because GENIUS are ace! Their sound is bonafide Rock n Roll, just pure f*cking Rock music, and the energy they provide is the only kinda buzz you’ll ever really need… that, and a beer.

Check out one of their lives of Once I Was A Dog / Watching TV (I’m f*cking JAMMING, dude) as well as their brand new, 3 track single Lucky Mistake below. The single’s only 2 bucks, it’s totally worth picking up.

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