Do Hits

Today’s a day of comps! 

China is loud today! Producer Howie Lee and his label Do Hits are releasing a compilation album August 7th, and without a doubt it’s going to be ace. He’s talked a little about it on Facebook and has released a teaser, both of which you can find below! There’s a longer promo of the compilation on Do Hits’ Soundcloud, btw!

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My label Do Hits’ upcoming compilation out on Aug 7 I’m really looking forward to this. Lots of undiscovered talents in their bedroom try to challenge rules and build up a Chinese sound that never existed before in the electronic world. I made this funny teaser btw :))) 我的厂牌Do Hits要在8月7号发行新的合集我真激动有很多新的制作人参与他们试图打破规矩建立一种从未在电子音乐中存在过的中国之声你应该听听听听听


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