It’s Lovelyz so all is forgiven!

Lovelyz latest comeback is a soft ballad full of cute, natural facial expressions and glitter, but I can’t help but notice the division of vocal parts. I get that this is a ballad and because of that the main vocals will be highlighted, but even THAT seemed a bit uneven. Every other member got like, one line, and I’m surprised that Woollim didn’t give Jisoo more vocal parts or AT LEAST more camera time. Like come on… this is her official debut RIGHT AFTER a MAJOR scandal. Only other gripe I have is how bad that red stained lip effect looks. The filter or whatever it is they used went a bit overboard and made some of the member’s lips look weird. All that aside, the song is good. Simple and sweet. Kei is divine and so is Baby Soul <3


(Source: woolliment)