Dropping September 14th!

I adore Lovelyz. I just wanna wrap them up in my arms and carry them with me and protect them and shit~~ My love for them just grew 10 times more, if that’s even possible, because Jisoo is back!!!! After that horrific scandal (that turned out to be one big f*cking lie!) I thought she was out of the group but seeing her face give me a cute doe-eyed expression, signifying that she was still active, made me so happy. I’m really glad Woollim didn’t hold the rumors against her for the sake of the group’s overall image and allowed her to continue. I mean it’s the LEAST they could do after all she’s been through. I hope she becomes a shining star that can put all of that bullshit behind her! But I want the best for the rest of Lovelyz too! I never want them to abandon this delicate, feminine concept either! Makes my heart flutter every time~


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