Lovelyz’s releases 안녕(Hi~) MV and JISOO IS STILL IN THE GROUP (NO SHE’ES NOT D’:)

So basically F*CK you to the jerk offs responsible for slandering this poor girls’ name. Jisoo has a fair amount of lines and screen time which I’m thinking was a gift to her for going through so much, I’m happy for her.

My godddd if JiAe doesn’t have the most adorable voice. If Lovelyz stuck with this cutesy, innocent concept forever I’d be happy. I honestly DON’T want them to do the sexy thing please no.

How do I pick a favorite when each girl is so gorgeous……!

EDIT: NOOOO! A very kind commentor has just informed me that the girl that looks JUST like Jisoo is actually Yein, and here I was wondering where SHE was but was too busy spazzing over Jisoo to care. Yein’s makeover completely changes her look and… now I’m upset. Jisoo is not a part of these promotions yet again and that’s not a good sign for her future with Lovelyz. Don’t really know what to say, the entire situation is so f*cked up.


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