A Taiwanese gift to nature

Rolling Waves, track number 6 on Cicada‘s latest album Light Shining Through the Sea, is as breathtaking as it sounds. Cicada literally threw themselves into the ocean in order to further connect and gain inspiration- the result of their complete devotion being what you’ll hear below. Enjoy the wonderful Rolling Waves, and support Cicada by purchasing their album Light Shining Through the Sea via Bandcamp. You guys just have to read the backstory to this project, it’s a must!

Cicada’s “Light Shining Through the Sea”

As ocean waves rolling toward the reef and bubbles kissing pebble beach, we dive into the Pacific Ocean looking up to the light shining through the sea surface.

The album “Light Shining Through the Sea” depicts the east coast of Taiwan and the Pacific Ocean. The songs named after the ocean were inspired by Shihtiping in Hualien. Leading by piano, the 5/8 compound rhythm imitates the “Rolling Waves”. “Ocean Foam” uses repetitive melodies to describe the damages human made to the coast of Taiwan.

We started to learn scuba diving in order to be closer to the ocean. Diving into the ocean in Lanyu for the first time, we’d never forget the moment opening our eyes under such clear water which became the inspiration of “Light Shining Through the Sea”. This last song reflected emotions and memories connected to the ocean.

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(Source: Cicada (Taiwan) )