Dynamic Duo

This is tiiiiiiiiiight

Dynamic Duo is legend and Gaeko is the man. Combine that with one of my favorite new emcees, nafla, and you should’ve seen how fast I clicked on this fcking video. Dynamic Duo hit us with a killer Boom Bap beat and spit all kinds of bars over it alongside nafla like there ain’t nothing to it. The video makes me want to join the crew of delinquents shown (some of which you might recognize) and start revolutionizing. Seriously with a crew of people like them around I’d feel like I can accomplish any mission. Lemme tell you, nafla’s about to blow up. Him and Owen Ovadoz, watch. They’re already getting some buzz, but I mean REALLY blow up.

J.O.T.S. is from Dynamic Duo’s 8th album GRAND CARNIVAL out on the 17th. There’s some sick features on there like Dean, Lydia Paek, Gray and Zico to name a few. Zico has been EVERYWHERE lately!




(Source: 1theK)