“Apology” and “Anthem” are out now!

My Type, Airplane and now Apology. Damn iKON, ease up on my feels why don’t you. Seriously though Apology is such a nice song with some strong vocal delivery and even part distribution. Not entirely even cause you know who the faves and shit are, but definitely more even than before. Chanwoo, for one, has a solid two lines so that’s good!

Junhoe’s voice MADE this song! He sang the fck out of those emotions, which really made you feel the pains of love.

B.I and Bobby’s Anthem is the banger of the two and it’s honestly a quality song through and through. I feel like idol rappers get a lot of shit but you gotta give props when props are due- B.I and Bobby ARE solid rappers. With all that being said Anthem, much like Rhythm Ta, is not something I’d listen to. It’s like when someone is attractive but you’re not attracted to them, it’s the same thing with me and music. Great song just not me, you know?

Apology and Anthem are top quality tracks! iKON don’t seem like rookies at all!




(Source: iKON)