ZHI16, Howie Lee, and Do Hits. Fckkkkkkkk yeah

It’s the last week of 2015 and we’re coming with some heat! ZHI16‘s new EP is gonna drop soon, more on that below, but first we gotta introduce the killer track that is Falling. Howie Lee, producer and one of the founders of Do Hits collective, created this MV’s visuals in his distinctly trippy 3D style, it being the perfect companion to ZHI16’s melodic, futuristic Hip Hop/Trap beat. This project marks yet another reason why I’m such a rider for China’s independent music scenes- I stay in a perpetual state of awe and turn up. ZHI16 is one to watch. More on his EP in the press release below.

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ZHI16 is our be-loved young producer of the year. After witnessing him dropping 2 amazing tracks for Do Hits Compilations, we can’t wait to introduce his latest EP to you all.
Can’t Stay Here No More, according to ZHI16, is an experiment – all tracks done in the same project file, providing you a 30-minute smooth journey of sounds. From “No.1” to “No.5”, without further definition, ZHI16 starts from soft female vocal samples, sinking into blurry pieces of memories, with delicate arrangement, caressing every cell of your brain. Just let him take control; Free your mind and let it flow as it is. “Falling” lets you freefall from above the skyscrapers of the city. A remix from Jason Hou is also included in the EP, bringing in lively beats with a different perspective.
Certain things cannot be explained in words, but if you listen carefully, you will get what it conveys.
Cover art from avant-garde visual artist Miaojing.




(Source: DoHits)