I love a good violin and piano accompaniment! 

My favorite instrument is the violin for its ability to move just like the voice- it’s fluid and melodic by nature! Classical music helps quiet the mind and bring the spirit to a place of peace, alleviating pain in the process. Part of the reason I believe in music is because of its therapeutic properties- it’s like a medicinal herb in intangible, sound-sense form! More info on Farewell below (it’s available for pre-order on Bandcamp now)!

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Farewell is early works of Taiwanese female fronted chamber ensemble Cicada who played with Olafur Arnalds, Rachel Grimes, Balmorhea.
Farewell described how someone who went through the cycle of a relationship. It’s about breakup, facing the future alone and also reveals the teenage girls inside us. Cicada selected 14 songs from Over the Sea /Under the Water, Pieces and Let’s Go with the new recording and production, together they told a story.




(Source: Cicada (Taiwan) )