Thanks to YouTube commenters and their translations, WE HAVE CONTEXT! Perfume will be releasing their new album COSMIC EXPLORER on April 6th, followed by a Japanese tour from May 2nd to July 3rd which will have a NORTH AMERICAN LEG! Not like an official world tour like last time, but there will be more U.S. dates in more cities this time around! Whereabouts and all other details are TBA. The track list for the new album can be found on their website (but I’ll just include it below) and I think I have a video of one of the new songs. Not sure if it’s the actual/final studio audio of STORY, but I’m including it just in case. The stage looks fuking awesome too.

SO YEAH THIS IS FUKING FANTASTIC NEWS AND YOU BET I’M FUKING GONNA BE THERE!!! Thank you Perfume community for the translations!

01. Navigate
02. Cosmic Explorer
03. Miracle Worker
04. Next Stage with YOU
06. FLASH (Album-mix)
07. Sweet Refrain (Album-mix)
08. Baby Face
09. TOKIMEKI LIGHTS (Album-mix)
10. STAR TRAIN (Album-mix)
11. Relax In The City
12. Pick Me Up
13. Cling Cling (Album-mix)
14. Hold Your Hand

※ (Album‐mix)はアルバム用にアレンジされたVer.になります。


(Source: Perfume)