Dreams came true last night!

March 18th 2016 was a night to remember for everyone in attendance at Shing02, DJ SPIN MASTER A-1 and Nujabes‘ (there in spirit) show at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade. It was a Luv(sic) journey back in time with the help of A-1 and a live band (Alika Lyman on guitar, Nick Kaleikini and Tomoki Sanders on tenor sax), the show closing with a classic performance of the iconic Battlecry. The night was an experience beyond words and one filled with joy.

Shing02 made sure to drop some wisdom on us too, encouraging us to keep love at the forefront of all we do while staying true to our goals and dreams. Hip Hop brought people from so many different walks of life together for that one night, that’s power, and I’ll be forever thankful for the experience. Witnessing Shing02 and the energy he brought was a dream come true for me and one I’ll carry for the rest of my life. Last night was nothing short of a blessing.

Thank you Shingo for giving all of us all of you, for allowing us to witness your living legacy.

Please enjoy these clips I got from the show in playlist form below. Very happy to be able to share these moments with you all.

(Photo Credit: fourestfire)