Yuta is definitely the man!

Very interesting look at race from a different perspective! The contrasts between how American and Japanese people think in regards to controversies like Scarlett Johansson playing The Major come from, obviously, the differences in culture. Japan has no history of racism or groups of people considered “minorities” like America does due to the country’s homogeneous nature (not talking about indigenous groups), so this shapes their thoughts on the topic just as much as American historical racism and heterogeneity shape ours (and the West’s in general)!

Most of the Japanese people in this video seem to think that Scarlett Johansson was picked for the role simply because of her skills as an actress. I’m not discrediting her talent or this being a reason, but it’s not the ONLY reason. Japanese people have no experience dealing with a hierarchical system built on race within their country. They never feel under represented or racially disadvantaged like some in America do, so this whitewashing topic naturally wouldn’t be as big of a deal to them. It’s also worth noting that Yuta states most of the Japanese people he interviewed had no idea what whitewashing even was. So fascinating!

“It’s just the way things are because it’s Hollywood” Damn.

(Source: That Japanese Man Yuta)