gugudan “Wonderland” is officially out!

Yay for Jellyfish Entertainment’s new girl group! The label is responsible for giving us VIXX so as long as they keep their shit in order I’ll continue to give them props, as well as check out any other groups they create. gugudan is off to a solid start I’d say, with a very cutesy Pop track solidifying their concept and a high production music video. No short cuts were taken with this debut- Jellyfish are serious about making this girl group one that’s able to contend with others of a similar type (but ya’ll better stay tf away from Lovelyz).

The favorite members are painfully obvious after watching the MV, the main one (you won’t even have to ask who that is after watching) being very annoying to me. Her smile is just irritating because it’s so forced and fake. I mean yes, I get that that’s literally idol culture in a nutshell but sTILL..!!! Anyway I’m most likely not going to stan this group, don’t really see myself becoming a fan either, but I will keep updated on their activities.

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