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After a week of stress I am finally able to exhale, catch up on what has been released, and fanboy over BLACKPINK‘s Lisa. I just finished watching their Weekly Idol and Asia Artist Awards footage and I’m literally all up in my feelings.

Starting off with Weekly Idol, from the jump I just sensed this edgy, coolness from Lisa. She strikes me as a strong, fortified, driven person that knows what the hell she wants out of this whole idol thing, and that really hits home for me. I admire that kind of “dream big, work hard” attitude and all the strength it requires, and I pretty much fell head over heels in fanboy love with her- I always knew she’d be my bias, but watching the hour long program just solidified it. Of course this is just my own speculation cause I don’t know shit about the girl personally lmaooo but got dammit let me have this.

Now although BLACKPINK’s Asia Artist Awards performances of both Whistle and Playing with Fire were kinda bad ONLY BECAUSE of microphone issues, they still pushed through and killed it. Lisa, of course, continued to give me that effortless, “I got this” swag as she breezed through the choreography like it was second nature. Simply watching her alone made me almost forget the shitty situation that was the mics not working properly.

Overall I’m just all about this girl and I’m so hyped for her. Hyped for her future career as an idol, entertainer, and just what she’s seemingly all about. Catch BLACKPINK’s Weekly Idol appearance and Asia Artist Awards performances below.