BIG news! Pleasantly surprised!

I never would have thought I’d see the day where Ryutaro Arimura would try solo! His 1st mini album,デも/demo (“but” in English), is scheduled for release on November 23rd (2 DAYS OMG) and features a slightly new side to the Plastic Tree vocalist.

Not only sonically, but the way Ryutaro is styled is way more minimalistic and nostalgic than what I’ve become used to. I feel like Plastic Tree’s music tends to be a bit gritty, but Ryutaro as a solo musician is giving us very poetic, melancholic vibes. You’ll definitely find デも to sound quite familiar just with a few, slightly different ingredients. Check out the teasers and audio samples below and make sure to grab a copy of the mini album when it drops! I recommend CDJapan- it’s what I use for all of my Japanese physicals.

(Source: jrocknews)