The visual does not pair with the audio at all

I think it’s safe to say almost everyone into Korean Hip Hop and R&B was anticipating Hoody‘s new release, and with it finally here I’ll be the first to say it’s a strong one with great vocals and a feel good funk.

BUT, the music video pretty much kills the mood halfway through the song as things get a bit… bloody. And it’s not even the horror film, over the top kind of blood that you can write off as ridiculous, but rather the kind that depicts a scenario that could very well happen (God forbid) in anyone’s day to day life. If AOMG and Hoody wanted to put out a release that would start a conversation within the community I think they achieved that, but I wish it wouldn’t have come at the expense of a solid, coherent release. At the end of By Your Side I’m left feeling a bit unsettled, which is the complete antithesis of the track’s vibe.