A really interesting look at a music making process!

thruoutin released a double sided, new-ish compilation titled Poesía… eres tú / 813 Toledano a couple of months ago, and it details his creative process with sampling. His self written note on the project explains how these songs were all composed around the time he first started using samples, with music resources being limited and thus encouraging his quest for material elsewhere. His “floater” status across the U.S. inspired a myriad of experimental tracks that sonically explain a phase of his musical journey and are just as diverse as the places he lived. The 12 track EP is bound to have something for everyone what with its use of wide-ranging samples, each track possessing a different vibe and flavor. Bottom line is I like how Poesía… eres tú / 813 Toledano makes me feel, cause it makes me feel a little bit of everything! Read and listen below!

p.s. That Badu sample in stay home is everythingggg!

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This release represents a snippet in time between 2006-2007 when I was first utilizing samples in my own work.
These songs were compiled throughout a 9 month period in which I lived in three different cities in the Southeastern United States (Mobile, AL, Madisonville, LA & New Orleans, LA).

At the time I was very much influenced by IDM, R&B, Hip-Hop, breackore, early dancehall, mashups, emo, exotic sounds and pretty much anything a little bit out of the ordinary.
The double release, Poesía… eres tú / 813 Toledano, is a product of having fun with something new.

Side A’s title comes from the poem Rima XXI – ¿Qué es poesía? by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. You can read it here:www.ciudadseva.com/textos/poesia/esp/becquer/rimyley/21.htm
Side B is called 813 Toledano after the address of the small shotgun house I shared with a few friends in the Irish Channel neighborhood of New Orleans, USA.

Composition-wise, samples play a large part in the makeup of the material. I was limited to the sounds I could produce on bass guitar and synthesizer at home, so I naturally reached for my collection of MP3’s for inspiration.
In some cases the samples are the basis of the track and at other times they are just sprinkled on top for nostalgia. After almost a decade and 4-5 computers later this is my best attempt to recall the references I chose to use then: