Electronic Beat from China’s capital city (+ more!)

Man, I love when new Seippelabel compilations are released. It’s like this instant taste of the latest and dopest Electronic sounds from China all gathered in a convenient little package.

The brother Brad Seippel aka thruoutin just released volume 4 of his latest Seippelabel collaboration, and fuk does it create a mood. Each track gives you a different energy but they’re all in the same vein- abstract, alien-esque, and pensive. Gonna have to make this a go to for those late evening drives.

My favorite from the comp is track #2 by Scottish producer æϣ. It gives me Silent Hill vibes, but with this undercurrent of bass to give the song’s spooky desolateness rhythm- it’s bone shivering chill. You can find more details on Seippelabel Volume IV, like which producers are featured, below.

Seippelabel Vol. 4 showcases artists currently living in Beijing, those who have since left the city, and those abroad. This compilation takes on more of an electronic and beat oriented direction with a pleasant balance of ambient and soundscapes sprinkled throughout. We are happy to include Zhuhai, China based electronic producer, Lastboss’ track as a fairly spooky intro.

After that there is Scottish producer, æϣ. He is a former Beijing resident and synth designer/guitarist who played in the bands Incisors and Mammals (BJ). This is followed up by a quite relaxed track by Dazed Marrow; an American producer based in Daegu, South Korea. The compilation goes on the feature two Beijing based artists who regularly play around town; Wen Liang and dee. While Wen takes one more a cinematic vibe dee’s live performances are centered around physical interaction with the audience. Finally we are sent off with a song by long time China hand, dMH who has returned to his home country of Ireland, but while in Beijing played in several bands including LOW BOW, Cloud Choir, Paper Tiger Jamboree and various other projects.