An Experimental artist experiments with his music

Filtering Out The Rest gives us more of those eccentric sounds and patterns while introducing something new: Noise Arcade‘s recent approach to creating. He says this album is a reflection of changes he’s experienced over the past half a year, taking new inspiration and influences and putting them directly into the music. Attempting to dissect an Experimental artist’s music is always interesting because the genre itself is all about unorthodox behavior- by nature Experimental isn’t this set in stone sound where things are clearly defined. It’s because of this that the genre is all about energy for me, and Filtering Out The Rest definitely delivers a chaotic vibration that’s worthy of a listen.

This album is the result of more than half a year exploring new things. An idea that may have worked before might have been changed/improved upon or abandoned in exchange for the chance to try something new. Basically filtering out various parts to create something different. Take that as you will and enjoy the music.