To me, at least

BoA was quite literally the first Korean singer I got into, going all the way back to those Inuyasha ending theme days, and even at that point in her career she was already seen as a force to be reckoned with. BoA has literally been everywhere and done everything- respect her legacy. There will NEVER be a second BoA because BoA and what she’s accomplished as a Korean singer is untouchable. She’s become a icon in Asian Pop- she’s literally a living legend.

Everyone is talking about 아이‘s (or “I”) amazing vocals and dancing so I had to check out her debut. Vocally I can hear some power, but the choreo/dancing in this video is weak. You can’t expect a new listener, like myself, to do tons of research on an artist’s past to validate their skills- they need to put it all in the debut. 아이’s styling is very reminiscent of old school BoA, as well. I see what her label is trying to do, but their decision could backfire- many would say her styling makes it seem as if she lacks individuality and is instead swagger jacking.

I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for 아이 updates because this song is catchy af, but calling her the “Second BoA” is a huge reach and is putting a LOT of weight on a rookie’s shoulders. Respek a legacy and let 아이 prove herself for herself, please and thank.

p.s. Maybe I’m looking too deeply into it, but I even see similarities in the choreo to old school BoA!

(Source 아이)