That East-West fusion!

Al Rocco is a Chinese emcee that doesn’t limit himself to just being a “Chinese emcee”. He’s all about bridging the gap while staying current, taking his Western background and fusing it with his new Chinese home to create the best East-West fusion I’ve heard from the Chinese Hip Hop scene to date.

In 赢 YING he channels a Future-like vibe and floats his way through a wavy Trap instrumental produced by Fader One, the release being an anthem about family, friends, dreams, and making your way to the top. Gotta love a bump that has a solid message and pays respect to those who have helped along the way. The weekend is here, so best believe I’ll be riding out with the boys to this one!

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Al Rocco tells a story about the engine behind his winnings in life; brotherhood, family, love, the real things that motivates his successes.

Representing his roots as a new Chinese, Rocco challenges himself by bringing us his first bilingual single in Mandarin & English “YING 赢”.

With hours spent in the studio perfecting this track, Al Rocco and Fader One are ready to win you over with their newest single “YING 赢”. Clear your mind and envision all the people you’ve met along your journey, who continue to inspire you and encourage your success, all the experiences that you’ve grown from and all your dreams that you’ve made a reality. These are the cherished moments which inspired Al Rocco and Fader One to produce this masterpiece.

(Source: Al Rocco)