LAYSHA’s “Party Tonight” MV is golden. Yes, it’s pure gold. 

LAYSHA are back with a new, disco inspired party track appropriately titled Party Tonight. The girls are GORGEOUS sporting your typical sexy schoolgirl uniforms and bathing suits, and although it’s all super cliche I’M LOVING ITTTTTT.

Believe it or not a girl group like this is actually refreshing. Most girl groups just hint at being sexy, but LAYSHA completely embrace it without going overboard and falling into the “okay… this is a bit much” category. I love it and I love them. I stan them. Yes.

When I find something new that I’m enjoying I always research the fukk out of it lmao, and my favorite member is definitely Go Eun for umm, well, reasons.

Just fun for I’ll include their previous single Chocolate Cream, which features NASSUN, below as well. Enjoy!

(Source: kt music)