Staying present in this feeling

When I listen to Boukyaku I definitely feel it, but seeing the visual where both Utada Hikaru and KOHH stand side by side and sing about the pains of loss, a dramatic and violent loss such as losing a parent to suicide… I can’t really describe it. I consider my empathetic ability to be a blessing, but my feelings I know can’t compare.
Pain is so evident in this music video despite its ironic tranquility. Utada and KOHH share the kind of hurt that’s so unique, and it’s this shared past that has brought them together and allowed them to express and vent and release all of these emotions through music- I don’t think I’ve ever cried over a music video before. The love I have for Utada Hikaru is indescribable, but it can be silently understood if you just listen to what she creates.

That glimpse of the heavens at the end of the video…

(Source: Utada Hikaru)