Lol but no forreal

I saw that she used Azealia Banks’ Succubi instrumental, which goes HARD IN THE MUH FUKIN PAINT, and I was like YUP. The fact that she even knows about Azealia Banks (I mean if you’re into Rap you would, I guess) and realizes the bangers that are Azealia Banks beats makes me love Nada even more. She actually flows decent over it too, like she doesn’t fuk it up! Listen to that and all of the other tracks on the mixtape below! It’s also available for free DL here.

p.s. Can we talk about how good she looks on that album cover???????? Also the Mobb Deep instrumental she used is smoooov! Nada really did the damn thing for an idol rapper! She gets props- flow’s on point throughout!


(Source: NADA)