Absolutely gorgeous release

Shangri-La marks VIXX‘s most aesthetically pleasing visual to date. Taking on the role of royal princes set in a historic Korea VIXX dance their way across gorgeously designed sets and swoon their way into our hearts, their voices ringing crystal clear as long, elegant robes adorn their bodies! Shangri-La truly is a work of art and one that can be enjoyed even with the volume muted (although I wouldn’t recommend that!). I was relieved to hear that Hyuk was finally given a chance to show off his vocal capabilities in a title track, and he didn’t let us down! Maknae no more, the kid has grown up to be a capable singer mirroring the maturity of his members. My bias Ken was amaze and is the prettiest in this video- give Ken his props, always. But honestly everyone looked and performed fantastically- such a great release!

VIXX new 4th mini album Shangri-La is out now on iTunes! Cop it!