I can’t remember the last time I heard a new Punk album from a new Punk band coming out of Japan, but maybe I’m just not looking in the right spaces/shit is flying past me without me noticing because I’m busy as FUCK lately. THRASHOUT‘s Amazing Jap is super controversial in it’s name with an album that’s ALMOST at the same level of offensiveness, but not really (it’s called We Wanna All Get Laid, and that’s probably true for the majority of Earth’s population). It’s typical random, crazy, crude Punk Rock and I’m fucking living!

1st full album『We Wanna All Get Laid』

[CD] CKCA-1065 / ¥2,300+税

01. Please Me Love
02. Not So Good Not So Bad
03. Amazing Jap
04. Overwork
05. Delicious Food
06. Complaint Of P.T.J
07. Baby Yeah
08. Cherry Boy
09. Piece By Piece
10. Do You Wanna Do
11. D.I.Y
12. Fall Over
13. Good Pressure


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