I’m really excited to announce that FarEastVibes now has a podcast! I was inspired by the numerous podcasts I listen to while at work, and decided to make one for us to enjoy and share together! I’m hoping this gives us another medium to communicate through, sharing our opinions on Asian Pop culture in a more interactive way. This is my first time podcasting, so please be patient as I learn along the way!

In EP 1 I introduce the podcast (while being a dumbass lmaooo) and discuss last week’s featured music releases. You can expect more detailed thoughts on the music written about on the site, as well as opinions on Asian pop culture news and music recommendations I haven’t written about but still think are worthy of attention.

I really, really hope you guys enjoy the podcast as I’m excited to keep making them! I’d love to connect with all of you deeper, and I’m hoping this will allow just that! Let me know what you all think!!

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The below links are in the order discussed in the episode:

LOVELYZ comeback teaser

I.V. kills it at the K-POP World Festival!

TWICE’s “LIKEY” has made me a Sana stan

The authenticity of Japanese Hip Hop

Stella Jang and the Khiphop Trend

MANILA GREY’s ‘No Saints Under Palm Shade’ EP