Major 3rd single “cotoeri”

Okay so coteori‘s concept is something like… this AI program wrote the lyrics to the song as a sort of collaboration with humans, using past Maison book girl lyrics as the basis… or something like that lol. What makes this even cooler is the fact that the video features multiple languages to really convey the message of human communication, so Japanese is what’s being sung but the lyrics are being narrated through sign language and English subtitles are at the footer of the video.

It’s not only this concept detail that reminds me of Perfume, but also the distinguishable members via their hairstyles, unique outfits and choreography. There have been a LOT of Perfume copycats in the past and many of them are just a sad attempt at recreating what is the amazingness of the group. Maison book girl may not necessarily be trying to be one of those Perfume-esque groups, could just be my own perception, but they’re doing that kind of style justice. I like them and I like the song, just followed them on insta too so you KNOW it’s real lolol.