New single and EP out now!

Korean R&B stays alive thanks to the contributions of the scene’s masters like 40!! This guy writes, composes, plays, sings and teaches music- he truly lives and breathes art and it’s so, so good to see him back in the limelight! His new mini album Blue Dawn is out now and is 5 tracks long, the title being the slow, emotional and heartfelt Wet. Here in the East Coast we just got our first snow of the season, so 40’s comeback is definitely giving me the perfect vibes to cozy up to. Enjoy enjoy!!

In unrelated but still awesome news, I wanted to let you guys know of a music database called Musictea . They have like thousands of Korean and Japanese discographies all archived on their site and they’re steadily building a fan community on there too, so definitely check them out!

Now, onto the music!