Splash is a VIBE!! This beat!!

EK is a new rapper on the scene! His first mini album Splash is out now, and the title track shows off not only his rapping skills but also how amazing he is at production (YunB helped produce the title track too). Super chill, ambient vibes that gain some fire when EK spits over them, so the combo is sick. Reallllyyyyy fucking with the energy behind this and EK is definitely one to watch!

MBA’s newcomer rapper EK releases his first mini-album [Splash]. After receiving the love call from many rappers after releasing the MBA EP album [YF], EK is recognized for his own feel and ability, and reveals his reflection on music in this album in particular. In this album, we can see the conflicts between the values of the world and the beliefs EK thinks about youth and success, money and music. Since it is a single album of EK alone, not an MBA group album, this [Splash] is enough to feel the original music color of EK.