Having such a hard time accepting this.

Maybe I typed too soon when I said the initial shock has passed. Everytime I hear more news or look at pictures of Jonghyun my mind goes into a frenzy, unable to fully understand this reality. But I am forced to accept it.

Mental health is stigmatized globally, but particularly in Asia where the conversation is virtually non existent. I don’t have many more words to say other than my deepest, deepest condolences go to his family, members and friends. SHINee was a group that seemed to genuinely love one another so I know they are suffering immensely, if not just as much, as Jonghyun’s immediate family. Much like is the case for many other fans SHINee was the first group I got into when I seriously started following Kpop back in 2009, so Jonghyun and his legacy is attached to several fond memories. He had such a bright, vibrant energy and anyone could sense his strong life force- this is completely devastating.

If you or anyone you know needs help, please seek it out. Someone WANTS to talk and help you. It may not be your family or friends, but there ARE resources where you can talk to someone who genuinely cares and is willing to hear your story, like your local Crisis Center. Please everyone, stay healthy. I love and appreciate all of you.

Rest in Peace, Jonghyun.