Spending all your coin on the digital download is the modern day version of buying physical CDs

Such a die hard Lovelyz stan such as myself would of course pay every cent of the $6.99 price tag for their 5th mini album Sanctuary. When iTunes first became a thing you used to venture out to buy the physical CD of your favorite group instead of copping the digital version to prove your love was real. Although that’s still a thing, it’s reserved for your SUPER MEGA STAN groups. Nowadays it’s so easy to stream without putting anything back into the artists pocket, so even buying a digital version is meaningful. Seriously, a digital album purchase holds the same weight of a physical album purchase did as little as 15 years ago. Now I wouldn’t call myself a SUPER MEGA STAN of Lovelyz (watch me buy the physical right after I publish this) but I am a stan, and so I did cop my digital version.

Lost N Found is the kind of record that Lovelyz does best. If you are not into the very cute, Jpop reminiscent style of Kpop that Lovelyz has been producing since their formation then you’re not going to enjoy this track. Me on the other hand, I eat this shit up. I love the sound, the visuals, the dewy camera filters, the pastel colors, it just sells me the complete fantasy. Lovelyz is everything I love about Asian Pop music compiled into one group, and Kei is my forever queen.

FINALLY THEY DISTRIBUTED THE GOT DAMN VOCALS PARTS. Different members opening the song, pushing those that have been getting preferential treatment for like 3 comebacks straight to the back. Fucking finally. Wonder who the old favorites pissed off, cause we all know Kpop doesn’t just evenly distribute vocal parts and screen time to be “fair”.