Lmao, the title says it all

So remember when B-Style was a thing (if not, check below for the video embed)? Well this Chicana trend is basically that, just for Latino culture.

I really don’t have a problem with this. It’s the equivalent of American folk dressing in Lolita fashion and throwing up victory/peace signs all over the place. There’s really no harm meant and, just like their American-lolita counterparts, they actually have a general understanding of the culture they’re emulating. A lot of the Japanese people partaking in this trend still have a very Japanese way of going about it, too. The collection of items, the overall fanaticism, it’s all filled with the Japanese ethos which shows that it’s more a hybrid than a carbon copy. It’s cool that these guys and gals are so into another culture.

I wonder if this is a reflection of Latino people becoming increasingly prevalent in the Western mainstream… hmmm.