Nice writeup from BBC

Check below for an interesting writeup on Beijing’s Rock scene from BBC. I’m only going to include a snippet of it to give credit where credit is due, so make sure to click the hyperlink below for the full article. The scene has changed a lot since I’ve last been to China- I’m excited to check out these changes first hand when I travel in a few months. Enjoy!

The indie bands of the Chinese capital, Beijing, have their own raw, distinctive sound, says the BBC’s Stephen McDonell – partly because they are so isolated from the rest of the rock’n’roll world.

High-top black Feiyue sneakers hit the effects pedal, drums and guitars kick in and a surge of bodies moves to the sound. Cheap beer, smoky air, raucous noise; cluttered, ramshackle and bohemian… this is Beijing’s underground music scene.

Local bands are cult heroes in the dive bars of the old city: young people from all round China drift to the capital because this is where alternative music is taken seriously. People will tell you that Beijing is a rock’n’roll city.

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Photo cred: BBC/Getty Images