I’ve been bumping this for like the past week and have been fighting to find the time to write about it. Producer Ian Ka$h‘s latest project, and his first mini album, is a bangerrrr. Like dead ass Late Night’s EP has some strong American level Hip Hop production going on with rappers that are flowing VERY comfortably over the beats, even if said flows are mumble rap inspired.

The EP features Khiphop notables like Qim Isle, CokeJazz, Jito Mo and a ton of others, each one holding their own on the tracks they’re featured on. My favorites from the album are New One and Bands.

A teaser video to the title track Tonight was released on May 23rd, so I’m anticipating the full MV release sometime in early June. Exciting shit!

Late Night’s EP on Apple Music

Ian Ka$h Soundcloud

Ian Ka$h Instagram