Korean-American emcee ‘Mike B.’ reveals his remix to hit track, Freaks and Geeks

A couple of months ago I wrote about Mike B. and his ever-growing passion for music; his urge to persevere and work hard in order to achieve the success he’s dreamed of. Well Mike B. is back, this time with an energy-filled remix to Freaks and Geeks as he spits about his impending stardom and shrugging off haters.

You know those songs that people listen to to hype themselves up while at the gym, or before going to work? Yeah, this is one of those.


Mike B?s mixtape Better Late Than Never dropped July 22. Make sure to get the digital album at his Bandcamp and follow him on the following sites:

His bandcamp: whosmikeb.bandcamp.com

Facebook Fan Page: Facebook.com/whosmikeb

Twitter: @whos_mikeB

Youtube Channel: Youtube.com/WhosMikeB

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