Electronic/Industrial/Trip-pop Korean duo “KAFKA” bring change to the Korean music scene

Here at FarEastVibes we like to inform you of mainstream, up-and-coming, and underground artists of all genres, introducing you to talents that you may never have heard of, or thought existed. After some searching around I came across a Korean, multi-genre duo called KAFKA (made up of members Chaeyoung and Changyeol), and instantly fell in love. My CD order is already on its way.

KAFKA’s song ‘When You Wake Me Up’ from their The Most Beautiful Thing album

There’s many genres I enjoy, from Khiphop to Japanese pop, but when it comes to a style of music that I consider my favorite, KAFKA is a group that sums up my tastes perfectly. It’s the kind of music that attracts a certain type of listener, but still possesses qualities that everyone can relate to. Lyrically the songs are meaningful, but the music alone can place you in a completely different world, making some of your inner most feelings come to the surface. If heard live, KAFKA would completely entrance the audience, making every fan vibe off a universal energy. Simply put, it’s music from the soul that can be felt on a physical level.

KAFKA’s song ‘Silence’ from their The Most Beautiful Thing album

There’s so much more to say about this group, but I don’t want to carry on too much with my opinions before you listen to them in depth for yourselves. One last thought, though: I’d love to see them come to America for a show, and I know I’m not the only one out there who feels the same.

Follow KAFKA and buy their latest album, ‘The Most Beautiful Thing’, below:

YesAsia link to The Most Beautiful Thing: Here

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/KAFKAelectronicband

(Photo Credit: krockisreal)