New Taiwanese girl group “SUPER 7” release two new music videos ‘Kiss Me’ and ‘Love Doesn’t Need Treatment’

There’s already a lot of drama going on with this group, and it’s no fault of there own. Kpop fans are bashing the girls, simply because they dressed in SNSD‘s Hoot outfit and performed a cover of the song. Granted their cover was nothing similar to Girls’ Generation’s Hoot, and it’s this fact that made Kpop fans upset.

Let me add that the cover wasn’t against copyright either; supposedly it’s a legitimate cover and SM Entertainment is getting paid for it. It’s this kind of obsession that makes me frustrated with the Kpop fandom. The girls were having fun, dressing up as Girls’ Generation members and performing one of their songs. Covers are a tribute to the original artist, but I guess this is something a big majority of SNSD fans fail to understand. It’s ridiculous, but hopefully all of you can make judgements on SUPER 7 based on THEIR ability, not a bias towards some super popular Korean girl group like everyone else seems to be doing. I have faith in you.

To see just how intense the hate is, click the video to be directed towards YouTube. Look how many Likes the videos have as compared to Dislikes, and read the comments too.

Kiss Me

Love Doesn’t Need Treatment

(Source: AsianDream2015)