“Azur?” drops his new mixtape ‘The Umbrella Theory’. Chill out music with poetic punchlines.

Good to see?Azur? back on the scene. The Umbrella Theory combines?contemporary Hip Hop?elements with Azur?’s?old school/Neo-Soul sound, and it shows growth from Illusions of Oasis. He’s gained some new dimensions, new angles, and if you compare the two tapes you’ll be able to see them.?It’s been about a year since Illusions of Oasis but?Azur? has been anything but inactive, staying in the cypher scene and continually pushing his original content. Grinding, pretty much. Look below for some of my favorite tracks from The Umbrella Theory (available for free download), as well as some links to follow?Azur? and his music.

Nice. Really enjoy listening to Azur? do music like this.

Healing has heavy lyrical focus, with the instrumental acting as a sort of guide for Azur? and the listener. Really enjoyed how personal this was.

Gonna end it off with Ice Cubes, a track for true Hip Hop heads. Check out the entire tape, though. Filled with chill vibes and smooth beats.

Download The Umbrella Theory for FREE Here

Azur??s Twitter😕@djSKYBLU

Tumblr: azureee.tumblr.com

YouTube channel: Youtube.com/azureANDarnold