Asian-American rapper Ed-Two’s new mixtape No Reservations out now!

A trip over to Ed-Two‘s website to check out his latest project No Reservations reveals 16 body-moving, lyrically impressive tracks that urge you to listen further. Featuring beats made by the talented Def Perception, the heavy bass lines and up-tempo rhythm make No Reservations the perfect summer mixtape.

No Reservations has something for everyone. Ed-Two is able to adapt to any kind of mood, going from songs like My Town which has a funky old school feel to upbeat and futuristic tracks like Time of My Life (one of my favorites from the mixtape) that will get your body moving in seconds.

Don’t be mistaken, Ed-Two isn’t all about fun and games. It’s songs like title track No Reservations that gives insight as to who Ed-Two is as a person, how he thinks and how he continues to move forward with his goals and aspirations.

Ed-Two spits meaningful and witty lyrics, giving your mind some healthy food for thought while making your head nod to the beat.

Ed-Two‘s music video for In The Air

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