f(x) release full MV t0 4th album title track, “4 Walls”

Luna looks stunning, Victoria looks like a sophisticated and powerful women, Krystal and them got damn eyes of hers are piercing my soul and I love it, and Amber‘s long-side hair style is fcking everything (and she’s handsome as fuuu). A friend watched this before me and they said that it gave them SHINee View vibes and after listening I can totally hear where they were coming from, especially during the hook. Visually and sonically 4 Walls is stellar, marking yet another uniquely captivating concept for the group.

No shade, but I didn’t even realize Sulli was gone. Like real talk. f(4) is solid and haven’t missed a beat since her departure! Buying 4 Walls right now~




(Source: SMTOWN)