“Rabbit” release tracklist video of their debut album ‘Naked People’

This video is incredible! It’s a little over 7 minutes long and gives viewers a snippet of each of the tracks that’ll be on Rabbit‘s debut album Naked People (my favorite is track 7, Moonlight). The songs narrate the story of this mini-movie, one that follows a taxi driver on a mission to retrieve stolen property. Rabbit is made up of a number of members, here’s the breakdown:

Toshiyuki Mori-Keyboards,

Watusi– Bass,

Taiji Sato– Guitar, Vocal and Cho

Ai Otsuka– Vocals, Cho

Takashi Numazawa– Drums

Minamisasuga– Cho, Motion

It’s kind of hard not to get excited for Rabbit, hopefully you’ll see why after watching. They’re new but far from rookies, so expect greatness!

Follow Rabbit:

Website: conglorabbit.com

(Source: avexnetwork)