I’ve been introduced to underground Japanese punk through “The Genies”

We’ve covered Chinese punk numerous times on the site, but this marks the first for Japan. It’s good to see it still alive in the Land of the Rising Sun, and I’ve been obviously?sleeping on the country’s scene. I’m going to try to get you guys more Japanese punk from now on.

The Genies are 5 star. They’re unrefined. The sound of their recordings is exactly what an?independent?band passionate about music is supposed to sound like. F**k high quality studio recordings, we can’t do that right now, but we’re still going to give you guys some real sh*z to thrash around to in the best quality we can provide. That DIY spirit defines punk, and it’s the main reason why it’s one of my favorite rock subgenres. It goes beyond just music to me, it’s the entire attitude and lifestyle that goes along with it. The mindset that sh*t’s going to get done one way or another, and we’re going to do it the way we want to. The Genies are ill as f**k, that’s all there is to it.



Main Street (translated title)

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Twitter: @shamon411