Check out the girls’ new teaser!

Our twerking idols are back with their latest single, this time with no twerking to be found in the teaser. Instead we get a bunch of cute, candid BTS footage leading up to the start of a music program filming. Will we get twerking in their new video? I don’t really care either way to be honest, I’m just excited to see more Wassup (Nada). I don’t think these girls are going to be twerking in EVERY comeback, though. I think they did it for their 1st single to stand out and will most likely do it again, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you see more and more of their comebacks dropping the constant ass shaking. I follow so many blogs about these girls and I’m turnin’ into a lil Wassup fanboy. Not even mad~~




(Source: Wassup-와썹 kpop)