All my feels have left my body and I’m done

I’m so serious. I’ve praised these guys so much that I have nothing left to say. I can’t express how amped I am for this MV and album either- it’s just too much. Usually in my posts, if I’m really excited about something, I use a lot of exclamation marks and caps, but right now I feel like a drone. It’s like the feels have run so dry from being overused on VIXX that there’s none left.

Voodoo Doll has 2 teasers, one for regular, commercial use and the other that’s rated R for its gore. I love them both. I love the dark and brooding, possessed energy the guys are channeling. This enraged and insane psychotic fury that they convey through their body and facial expressions (and those contacts!). The song sounds like it’s going to be f*****g amazing. It gets your heart thumping and blood racing like you’re in the middle of being chased. Like you have to run and fight for your life before VIXX come and hunt you down with their dark powers. I’m actually kind of surprised something so graphic is coming out of Korea (referring to the rated R teaser). In movies these kind of things are normal, but in Korean Pop? This is the second time this week I’ve been shocked by a group’s concept, the first being Phantom’s New Era teaser. Anyway, VIXX are giving me so much that I’m left feeling pretty void of emotion. That’s how crazy my feelings are right now- what little I have left are vibrating so hard that they’re paralyzing me. Lmao. You can think of it kinda like when you drink something with a lot of caffeine and you get the shakes. It’s sorta like that, just with this blank expression and glazed over eyes. Voodoo Doll’s MV will be coming out on the 20th, with their 1st full length album dropping the 25th. I am so excite.

P.S. Isn’t it funny how I still managed to say SO MUCH about VIXX?

P.P.S I’m spam replaying both teasers.

Random thought: The boys probably can’t even see out of those contacts. Some costume contacts make you virtually blind.

Teaser 1, normal

Teaser 2, rated R


(Source: RealVIXX)