Dude had a f*****g deer in his music video. We need to talk about this 

T.O.P is giving me Trap, Planet of the Apes realness and I am in love with it ALL. Who decided on this concept? Like T.O.P’s whole team needs a raise because out of all the YG solos this is the most visually boss. If that pre-chorus doesn’t get asses shaking then idk what will, and the actual chorus when T.O.P gets all high pitched is hilarious and dope at the same time. The Choice37 and T.O.P collabo on the composition end was such a great idea. DOOM DADA sounds like nothing you’ve heard before but still has distinct elements from popular genres of today. How they managed to do that is what you’d call talent. Reinvention at its best.

Lol I don’t know how more people aren’t into Kpop, or at least YG artists. YG is constantly creating content that blows your favorite American artist out the water. Not even hating, but American vocals, production and videos have NOTHING on what YG is constantly delivering.

And am I the only one that feels like the BIGBANG solos are a bit rushed? Not the quality but more the time. I feel like the minute one artist releases their solo comeback another member’s already trumping them and taking their shine. Like damn can Taeyang get a good 2-3 weeks of promo before T.O.P comes out lmao?! But this has definitely been YG’s year. EVERY solo from all the company’s groups has been top notch, and they’re really showing other companies what’s up. I respect the fact that some might not like YG because of their music style, but you gotta give them props. They know wtf they’re doing!

P.S. I kinda hope they don’t release the color version because it’s so much more impactful without it.

P.P.S  T.O.P always got hella bass in his songs! xD




(Source: BIGBANG)