Nice song, but one of the best releases of 2013? Not for me

I think the reason so many people feel this is one of the best releases of the year is because it’s such a different mood from past 2NE1 songs and recent Kpop ones in general. Plus the direction of the MV is really dope too, so that’s helping. It’s a great release in terms of musical/artistic experimentation with the whole minimalist thing, but it’s not one of the BEST releases of 2013 for me. I will say that the girls looked drop dead gorgeous, though! Holy sh*z! Their stylist really outdid himself in this one, especially with Dara. She looked the most glamorous and sophisticated out of the bunch and I fell head over heels in love with her all over again every time she popped up on the screen. It’s a shame she’s so shorted with vocals parts in this.

Now I wasn’t expecting CL to be full out nude but I guess I was expecting something different from what we got, like something a bit more daring. It didn’t leave the impact I thought it would, especially when it was hyped up that 2NE1’s GZB leader CL would be NAKED in their comeback video. It’s nicely done though and hella pretty so props. Overall MISSING YOU is a nice Ballad track from 2NE1, which is a rare thing to say about the group since they don’t really do Ballads. Because that genre isn’t something I normally listen to I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the single, but if it came on (depending on if my mood was mellow enough) I’d listen to it. I usually like something with a bit more of a kick though, even if it’s a slow song. What do you guys think of 2NE1’s MISSING YOU?

In other news, 2NE1 are going on a world (Asia) tour! Check out the promo video for that, too! I wish more idols released promo videos like this because 2NE1’s was SO MUCH FUN! Keep doing this, girls!


2014 World Tour 




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