I mean they did just collab with Ash Stymest 

I’m a couple days late but that ain’t never hurt nobody. 2NE1 has released their latest video to GOTTA BE YOU from their most recent album CRUSH, and it features model Ash Stymest as the male lead. 2NE1 is always 3 steps ahead of the rest when it comes to their international game, and they’re arguably the only (female) Kpop group with a true international presence. There are a lot of 2NE1 anti fans and haters, but this is a fact that I don’t think can be argued against: 2NE1 is both Kpop and Global, and they are, more likely than not, doing better than your favorite idol group when it comes to the international market.

I love the femininity in this video. CL is so chill but is exuding confidence. She’s slaying and doesn’t even have to try, and what makes it that much hotter is the fact that she KNOWS she is. Minzy has entered her 20’s and it shows. She’s owning her new found adulthood and is becoming a very sensual women. Dara is ageless, while Bom is staying true to that cute/elegant combo that she pulls off so well.

I like this video and GOTTA BE YOU is one of my favorite songs from the album!




(Source: 2NE1)