I just downloaded 2NE1’s album~

I haven’t gotten through the entire album yet, but out of what I’ve listened to so far I’m enjoying it! Is CRUSH something I’d listen to for days on end? No. Is it an album I’ll call one of my all time favorites? No. But I do think it’s really fun and I’m thoroughly having a good time. I think 2NE1 are one of the groups that have the most global appeal, especially with this album. Friends that have no interest whatsoever in Kpop have asked me to play one of 2NE1 or CL’s songs again because they liked it so much the first time I played it for them- this is part of the reason why I’m a 2NE1 fan. They stand out in some of the best ways, and are relatable.

Both of these performances are amazing- I can’t believe people think 2NE1 may break up. I just cannot see that happening.







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